I’m in the Chicago VTUG… but why?

Many that know me understand that my time is well consumed with launching a new start-up that comes with a travel schedule that has me on the road more days then at home.  So when I tell people I am launching another grass roots community-driven virtualization community in Chicago people understand it must be something […]

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First Look and Flight: DJI Phantom FC40

Author’s Sidebar:  It has been a long time since I have posted any content on Sileville, but I have a fellow co-worker who puts in just as many work hours as me and he can still find time to make a weekly blog post (when not chasing tigers in India) so why can’t I.   […]

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LiveCode, a HyperCard for this generation?

I don’t know about you, but I was a child of the HyperCard generation.  In my 5th grade computer lab we had a set of Macintosh LCII and Performas that had the requisite educational game of Oregon Trail and the keyboarding classic Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing installed that saw the majority of their use, but […]

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Today is a Good Day.

In my professional career I have been pretty fortunate to have been part of many successful companies and experience some truly great accomplishments.  Today was definitely another to add to the list as my new company DataGravity announced our successful series B round of $30 million in new funding.  Our initial investors Charles River Ventures and […]

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What I am doing now…

First, let me say I really appreciate all the kind messages I have received from everyone via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  As word spread that I left Veeam for another start-up adventure with a well-funded, emerging company called DataGravity many friends and people in my networks pinged me wanting to know what exactly I am doing.  The […]

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What’s New for 2013!

Well the new year is hear and it has already been a very busy 2013 for me.   As some of you know I left Veeam Software at the end of 2012 to take on a new, great opportunity with a stealth start-up called DataGravity as the Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations I am working […]

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